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Posted by *Madan kumar* on February 13, 2007

I have told about the comittee.I will tell the details now.The name is SIM KAZHAGAM.The name and our motto has many relations.The actual meaning is

SUMMA IRUKKUM MANAVARGAL KAZHAGAM.Just take the meaning in the positive sense.If you continously behave badly,someone will ask you can’t you be quiet(summa irukka mattia).So our decision is to be quiet without doing bad to others.Rather you can lead a happy life by putting MOKKAIS.You can also take it as a timing comedy.Our great mokkais start tomorrow.If you want a serious blog log on to mindfault.net.I will tell the details,merits and demerits of that blog tomorrow.Don’t worry, it will not be as interesting as ours.


2 Responses to “SIM KAZHAGAM”

  1. peter said

    I was very much impressed about the name of your comittee that too the explanation you have given shows your positive attitude.waiting eagerly for your comittee’s progress.

  2. Marc said

    SIM guys, stay away from me!

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