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Posted by *Madan kumar* on February 17, 2007

Just a small suggestion today—-I am hearing some people saying that I am feeling so boring to be in this______,there is nothing perfect in this _______ and everything is not up to the mark in this _________. The dashes I have left because i can’t accept their views.The dash about which they say is Our Country.One thing is to be kept in every one of our minds-Proud to be an Indian,and feel LUCKY TO BE an Indian.Of course there are some small faults happening.We are accepting that India is a developing country and keep in mind that not only Rome,nothing can be built in one day.Instead of finding faults and criticising,we can spend that time atleast to think what we can do as a citizen because,only group of sparks can make a flame.Tall buildings and cement roads alone cannot lead to prosperous life.The three colors in our flag-sacrifice,peace and wealth and ofcourse Dharma have the ability to build up a nation.The best thing is to inculcate these things in the minds of every citizen by themselves which will automatically make true the 2020 dream of our president. Meet you again—


6 Responses to “LUCKY TO BE ————”

  1. Marc said

    So what have you done to improve India?

  2. peter said

    I just saw the reflection of my thoughts in this post.I am sure India will prosper if each one of us think like this and also act so.

  3. Marc said

    And what is the word in the dash? Can’t you even fill in the blanks properly?

  4. ~Joel.red~ said

    Let me explain it to you marc. The word to be filled in the Dash is “Country”.Since Madan is totally against their saying, he feels bad about typing the word.

  5. Sindhu said

    enna pa? mokka nu sollittu oray philossssss…..

  6. madan said

    Eppa paathaalum mokka poda mattom. Appo appo dhaan. We have some useful posts also. Nambunga madam

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