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Incarnation in Mass Media.

Posted by *Madan kumar* on March 6, 2007

Our department of CSE has started an Association(ACE) and as a part of the association activities we have planned to publish Monthly Newsletters for our department and i am one of the members of the Newsletter committee.Not only me all the SIM members are in the committee and some of my classmates are also there.I am greatly interested in Mass Media .But We cannot implement all the mass medias in the college and so i must try to make this newsletter as interesting and useful as possible.I don’t like presenting all the things technical.Technical matters can be made interesting and it is in our hands to make it so and i am aiming for it.Who knows our new incarnation in this media world can attain fame throughout the college tomorrow,throughout this country day after tomorrow.we have chosen an edge that is sharper than a sword i.e.,the pen edge.We are searching for a name and i am having some names namely ‘Dhinathanthi-II’ or ‘Hindu-II’ in the future.Meet you again.


5 Responses to “Incarnation in Mass Media.”

  1. peter said

    Wish you all the best for your new incarnation

  2. Marc said

    The newsletter is a form of mass media.

  3. Nithya said

    omg, there really is a Peter?

  4. Peter said

    @ Nithya: What made you to suspect my existence Nithya? Paul Allan Peter is my full name ok.

  5. Nithya said

    sorry. I thought they were
    kidding. See the maths pic. There is Peter mentioned.

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