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Million Dollar Questions !!!

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on March 8, 2007

  • Enna thaan Nayiku Naalu Kaal irunthaalum athaala oru Local Call kooda Panna mudiyathu Aen?.

(Eventhough a Dog has four legs it cannot Make Even a Local Call Why?.)

  • Thael Kottina Valikuthu Kulavi Kottina Valikuthu aana Mudi Kottina Mattum aen Valika maatuthu ?

(It’s Paining When a Scorpion Stings or a Bee Stings if so then why it’s not Paining                when a hair falls?)

  • Tea Cupla Tea irukkum Coffee Cupla Coffee irukkum aana World Cupla World irukkuma ?
    (Think needs  no explanation)

Today i will stop with this. See You Again!!!


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