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Vandhutomla Ini Kalakkalthan

Posted by *Madan kumar* on March 8, 2007

Just scroll down and see our first post.We have told that the exclusive world of jokes(this can also be treated as aptitude questions if you think so)will come soon and it has started now and will come once or twice in a week for you.

1) Prove the equation:

      88/28 = bag(try!..and send the comments!…)

2) Prove that 1 = 0 = infinity(get confused?….this is our ultimate aim!…)

3) Using only one straight line ,prove

    5+5+5 = 550(Five hundred and fifty)
NOTE: Thinking too much is not good for health.Leave it if you don’t know the answers.We will publish it in the next post.


One Response to “Vandhutomla Ini Kalakkalthan”

  1. Vijay. said

    I know the answers, but i am not giving it out because i want all the readers to work it out individually. IIT aspirers should check this out it will help them a lot.

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