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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on March 10, 2007

Few students have a Strange Love towards Mathematics. Sometimes we go dumbfounded looking at their unique way of approaching maths, if you just take a look of some of our friends workings in maths you will agree what i say.

Some Extraordinary thinkings.




Once a middle School teacher said:


This is the Scanned image of our friend Peter’s answer script (He comments on our blog regularly).









6 Responses to “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

  1. Nithya said

    wow… I never knew Peter visits ur blog too! [:O] He mailed me his answer sheet yesterday!
    well, I think we must seriously practise these methods in our maths class too, to attain great success!

  2. Singathukellam singam said

    Already u r doing it in the class..Then why another trial method ?

  3. Nithya said

    who is this great person?

  4. ~Joel.red~ said

    Yes, the person is really great. You know her well.

  5. Nithya said

    a girl ?

  6. ~Joel.red~ said

    A lady of course.

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