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Posted by *Madan kumar* on March 15, 2007

Our II year students went for industrial visit i.e.,iv yesterday and it was named as NEY V(Neyveli visit) by me.It was the first time i went to an educational trip and eventhough it was educational,the place where our SIM members are present will be interesting and enjoyable and not only we,all our classmates really enjoyed the trip.On the way in the bus my frinds and me enjoyed our usual mokkais. I want to share some highlighted comedies i enjoyed.My friend nirmal kumar told that the TV in the bus is not working and if it is working we can see 1008 films.I asked him how can we see 1008 films ,we can see only 4 films.Then my friend ram kumar told we can see 1008 films.I asked how.He replied,”we can see Aairam Thalai Vaangiya Aboorva Chindhamani,Aaru(surya),and then Rendu(Madhavan).Totally 1008.”He has got this talent because he is also a SIM member.


3 Responses to “NEY-V”

  1. Marc said

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Thaanga mudila!

  2. Sindhu said

    Idhula enna pa talent??? apdi onnum therilaye…

  3. madan said

    nalla paaru theriyum

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