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Our Blunts in NEY-V

Posted by % Ramkumar % on March 15, 2007

While we were having lunch in Neyveli arranged by our class mate’s father. He asked us why we didn’t go for Non-veg, then joel answered him that, he is in diet.

    After finishing the first round, we went for the second round then i asked joel, “What man ? you said that you are in diet then why you are going for the second round. Then came the ultimate Explanation from JOEL .

    “You see Ram, DIET can be split into two words DI + ATE = DIET. That is eating TWICE, so i am keeping my words.”

    Then Madan striked back like this, “Then this is my Third round so i am in Triate”.

      Some of our friend brought some movie CD’s so that we could spend our journey hours watching some movies. Our bad luck, Since the Telivision was not working we were not able to watch any of them. One of our friend kept his CD somewhere and was searching for it. When he came near us searching for it he asked us, “Do You know Where is the CD?” Joel said to him in a cool manner “CD is after AB man don’t you know that?”

      %%%%%%%%%%%%% “We will meet again if you are alive.” %%%%%%%%%%%%%


      9 Responses to “Our Blunts in NEY-V”

      1. Eman(Devil) said

        dai unga mokaiku.. alavae illama pochu.. be CAREFULL…..
        This is not an advice….
        This is an ORDER………

      2. Yeman said

        dai unga mokkaiku aru alavae illama pochi
        Ungalukku mokkai puranam padi marana thandani……..

      3. Singathukellam singam said

        Naattami Theerppa maathu..

      4. Yeman said

        dai ungalukku alivuuu….arambammmmm…
        Ok Be carefull………………

      5. Yeman said

        Mokkai puran perukikondae pokirathu…
        Kaathu kolungal…..
        Ungal mokkai ennai animal aka matrukirathu…..
        Avatharithu vitaen….

      6. ~Joel.red~ said

        Hello Mr.Yeman, enna mirattala adhuvum enga kittaye va. Eruma maatu mela vandhu kolrathu unga policyna edhuvume illama kaneer vida vaikarathu enga policy.

      7. yemanuke ethiri said

        ye..Enna nee rombathan mirattura…Nee Eruma maatumela varumpothu naan pullu kondu vanthu potta,muthalla un eruma maadu unna thalli, nee sethu poyiruva..Kolla vantha nee kolaiyayiruva..jaakirathai !!!

      8. Yeman said

        Ah… Thank you…..
        Ungalukku bayam errukku…..
        So ungala nan kolla mataen

      9. Marc said

        First I must find a way to shut down this blog. Who knows how many people committed suicide after reading this?

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