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Our Innovations in Ney-V, sorry IV.

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on March 15, 2007

Hello Friends, I am back again. First I am glad to welcome our member Ram Kumar to our Blog,Who has been given an Author status in our Blunt Corner.
This time let me share with you some of our Spontaneous Innovations (adhaanga Blunt jokes) by our members during our Industrial Visit to Neyveli named as ‘Ney-V’ by our Madan.

While we were waiting outside the Computer Section of NLC Madan, Ram and Nirmal were loitering around the Road walking around in every possible direction taking photo’s in every possible angle. When Madan was about to take a snap of Nirmal Who was leaning on a car giving pose as if it’s his own. Nirmal shouted at him “Madan Cover the Car fully da, Even if i am not clearly visible it’s ok i wan’t the whole Car to be covered”.
Looking at him Madan said, “If you wan’t me to cover the Car fully Give me some Brown Sheet da”.

At present i remember only this, If i could recollect anything i will add it to this Post.

~~~~~~We will meet again if you are Brave enough to visit our Blog again~~~~~~


2 Responses to “Our Innovations in Ney-V, sorry IV.”

  1. Singathukellam singam said

    We will meet again if you are Brave enough to visit our Blog again

    Singathha thati eluppathe..
    Asingama aayidum…

  2. Marc said

    Pah! Terrible mokka!

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