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It’s Blog Mania now.

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on March 26, 2007

Hi, Readers welcome back to Blunt Corner.I just cameby to say few words about the Blog mania that have found it’s way into the 2nd year CSE of A.I.H.T.
In times afore Blunt Corner came into existence, according to my knowledge only three persons in 2nd CSE owned a blog. But see, what Revolution ~Blunt Corner~ has made in our class . Our Friend Surendar is an active member of the DD board, and i came to know that, he has earned a quite a number of Domains through his tiring efforts. Now he has come forth to offer Blogs to our class people under one of his domain name ahoh.info.

According to my knowledge about 15 people from our class 2nd CSE have got Blogs from him under this domain. I am really happy to hear such news. I am eagerly waiting to see those blogs of my friends Blog on the Internet. I will be always at their side to encourage them to express their thoughts publicly, through their blogs .
Our SIM members too have got blogs and these are the URL:

Madan –> www.bodysoda.ahoh.info
Nirmal –> www.naaisekar.ahoh.info
Ram Kumar–> www.sunapana.ahoh.info

Let’s hope that, all these people will turn out as Trend Setters in the blogging world.

Let’s Wish them “All the Best”.

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One Response to “It’s Blog Mania now.”

  1. persis jemima said

    Great innovator..

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