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Posted by *Madan kumar* on March 27, 2007

Friday,the 23rd march is a remarkable day in the history of SIM.We were attending the classes usually( not seriously)and suddenly Joel asked me why can’t we be a little serious.I asked why should we.He told that we are always jovial and there is nothing bad in it.But we should take atleast some things seriously.I agreed to this and i informed this to other members.All agreed to this.I was strong with the thing that our humorous nature should never change but a small seriousness should be implemented wherever necessary and this decision was approved by our SIM founders and all members.sim.JPG

One of the greatest ahievement of our SIM is that Kathiravan(third from the left) was very shy type before and he cannot utter even a single word boldly infront of others and now he has improved so much that he can tackle any situation boldly after he founded the SIM jointly with us.

We hope that our SIM can achieve many things like this.

It doesn’t mean that our usual blunts will stop in this blog.It will appear whenever necessary.Because comedy is an essential ingredient for healthy life.


A blunt a day keeps doctor away.


4 Responses to “TURNING POINT”

  1. unplugged said

    periya turning point..

    turn panni adutha theruvukku poniya mamu..

  2. Nithya said

    very funny unplugged.
    If u too become serious then all of us have to get admitted to the hospital !
    The bluntness is infectious.

  3. Vishnu said

    Oru apavi nalla payana keduthu tengalae…
    Any way happy to hear abt his boldness… But dont make him like u ppl… Tat wont be Gud… Enough havin u ppl….

  4. Marc said

    By keeping serious faces you are trying to fool the world.

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