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Back into Action!!!

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on July 30, 2007

Hi friends,

If you just scroll down and see our last post, it dates back to May-4 so nearly 3 months have passed since the blog was last updated. And Now, we are into blogging that is after a long break.

Hope Madan and Ram will also start blogging soon.

As we are into the Third year,The Discussion topic of our class friends have deviated a lot from Movies and Games into Aptitude and Campus Interviews. So our SIM Kazhagam too was in a need to make some changes in our way of Talking and Blogging. As a result we have decided to use the term “Logical Reasoning” in the place of Blunts wherever and whenever possible. If if you want me to tell in terms of Discrete Mathematics.

Blunts –> Logical Reasoning.

(but don’t argue that its not equal to ~(Blunts) U (Logical Reasoning) )

Then to Start up with our INNOVATIONS here are some of our Latest Logical Reasonings.


  • What are the Two types of Crows that are in the World?? (To answer this you should be good at System software)

Ans : Micro & Macro.
Definiton: Mi + Crow and Ma + Crow.

  • When anyone express their Likeness toward you by saying “I like U” and if you run out of words to express yourself back, just say ….

“I not only Like U, i like A,B,C,D… why to say i like all from A to Z.”

  • Why do we tie our Watches in our Hands and not in legs ???

Ans 1: It’s because Watches have hands (Hours hand and minutes hand) so our hand should go in hand with the watch’s hand.

Ans 2: we tie our Wrist watches in our hands, because we can’t tie others watch in our hands or our wrist watch in others hand (don’t argue that you can).

Ans 3:(Think in tamil too). “Mullu kaala kuthidum”

Note:- Mullu means thorn in tamil.The Hands in the watches are also called mullu in Tamil.


Then we are into the work of Designing a Software called BluntGen® known as Blunt Generator and we will soon release the Beta Version of our Revolutionary Software.
See you Friends. Keep in touch with us.




2 Responses to “Back into Action!!!”

  1. Marc said

    Horrible, as usual.

  2. pnithya said

    very funny. Especially the first one.

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