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Not “One More August 15” Please !!!

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on August 15, 2007

And one more August 15, and one more Independence day and one more Government Holiday and one more Flag Hoisting and one more??? ohhh the list continues… And this is how the National Festivals are looked upon and so is this Independence Day.

And the One day Patriotism will get into our Spirits and one day “Jai Hind” and one day “Proud to be an Indian” SMS and one day “Social service camps” and one day… Ohhh even this list continues.
I’m not into criticizing anyone(as i am not perfect to criticize anyone) but i really feel bad about way in which we look upon the National festivals(especially Independence Day) and the term “Patriotism”.

  • For politicians it’s a one more day like Election campaigns where they speak things which they never ever try to do themselves.
  • For the People who do white collar jobs it’s “A Day to spend with their families and cherished circle”.
  • And the Labour class people are the only group, whom i find doing something really useful, especially the auto drivers.
  • And for the Defence people it’s a Sensational Day on which their spirits go high and high above the Everest but they never rest, if they rest then we will have no rest.

Like this each group of people in our Nation look upon this day on their own point of view but what about the Remaining 364 days. What do we do on these days and till the next Independence day . We always think high and we always keep thinking high and end up thinking high. As the day ends our thinking also ends and we start up the new day thinking high, but something new of course.

By this time you would have got confused with what i am coming to say so i directly get into point.
To show up your Patriotism, think of something which you could be able to really do, that which really help’s our nation.No problem eventhough it’s a meagre thing and try to follow it sincerely.

Some of the least things(if you consider so) that we can do are,

1. Close the Water taps after use, or wherever you find water flowing out waste just step in and close the valves. We all know the disputes among the states for this Water. To be specific our own state is being deprived of this ‘Elixir of life’ by our neighbouring states.

2. Switch off the Electrical appliances in places like Colleges, Work places and other public places when we don’t use them. As we all experience the frequent power failures during the summer we are in an urgent situation to stop power wastage. Since the world countries are not ready to supply Uranium to our Nuclear reactors which produce electricity India will be facing serious threats on the Electric Power issues in the forth coming years.

3. Keep your living place clean. Every day “Brand New” diseases enter the “Health Market”. And the deaths toll due to the contagious diseases keep rising. So by keeping ourselves and our sorrounding clean we can save ourselves and our fellow citizens from the danger of falling a prey to the diseases.

4. Respect others as you respect your ownself. None of us will scold our ownselves using bad words or hammer our own heads, if we do something wrong instead we always try to jusify ourselves but what do we do when others commit the same mistake. It’s common for all of us, but if one is able to treat others in the same manner as he/she wants to be treated then Our country will surely become “A Beautiful Place to Live in”

5. Help the Poor. Here the poor means not only those who are financially poor, it may be in anything poor in studies, poor in Language skills, poor in confidence, poor in manners etc.

6. Wherever you find talents never forget to appreciate. Appreciation is a greatest Motivation. For you it might be a single word as “Very good” or “Well done” but for them upon whom these words are said It might trigger them to do a thing which might change the world. It’s because of the lack of appreciation and Motivation lots of talentsof our Indian Innovators gone untrapped and as a result we don’t have appreciable number of Indian Scientists, or Inventors.

So by following the above the above what do we actually do? That’s a right question.
All these things are very easy to follow and by following this we really express our “Patriotism” towards our country, because we do something which directly or indirectly help for the upliftment of our Nation. So We get every rights to Celebrate the Next Independence Day of our Incredible INDIA.

Before You leave watch this Video.


2 Responses to “Not “One More August 15” Please !!!”

  1. peter said

    The suggestions you gave may look silly for some but as we say sparks make fire , these suggestions when taken in to account will definitely bring out the real independence day celebration you want that too for 365 days.

  2. pnithya said

    The video is just too terrible for words. I’ve seen such pictures.
    I agree with you. Respecting others is something really hard to find these days. Very few do that.
    Help the poor, yea . We could do lots in college, if we form a social service team. But tell me how many would join me for a cause?

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