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Posted by *Madan kumar* on January 19, 2008

It is long time after i am meeting.Now i am going to tell about the voyage we had the day before pongal.We decided to go to any temple(you may not believe) and me, ram and vasanth assembled at thiruvanmiyur depot and we went to besant nagar where there is a temple called Aarupadai Murugan temple.Really it is a beautiful and peaceful place located at the sea shore.there are six seperate murugan idols resembling palani,thiruchendur,thiruthani,swami malai, thiruparangundram,palamudhircholai.If you want peace of mind i would suggest that place.Then while walking on the road vasanth said ,”in this peaceful place i could see a kannagi statue i am very happy”.Do you know what the statue is?Just see…..

it is a kalpana chaula statue….

Then we went to ashtalakshmi temple where we got chance to take snaps.This is the proof for who those do not believe we went to temple……


Then joel called us to moore market as he came there.We went there soon but joel was coming late.So for time pass we went inside central railway station where we enjoyed getting inside all trains and taking photos…



After then joel came he bought books and then again we went to central and finally we came back at 4.
The tour was really fun filled.It would have been still better if other friends were also there butthey went to their home townsfor pongal…
Finally we want to tell you something which is belated……











3 Responses to “BON VOYAGE”

  1. Peter said

    The Photographs were really nice. I appreciate your creative mind in choosing the camera angles.

  2. pnithya said

    I never knew there was a Kalpana Chawla Statue in Bessi. Where is the Temple? Near the Church side?
    I cannot believe you all actually went to a Temple! Did it rain?
    The last photo ! LOL :D! Perfect!

  3. madan said

    It is near astalakshmi temple.The statue near same temple.

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