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Posted by *Madan kumar* on January 29, 2008

In Sun TV every Sunday night 7:30 a dance programme is telecasted in which dance master Lawrence is the judge. When we see the last 15 minutes of the show it is really heart touching.He is running a charitable trust for helping physically handicapped. He is coaching those handicapped for dancing and giving them life. He is making each person dance each week in sun tv.

Two weeks before he introduced one man. For him one leg cant be folded and another leg always folded and cant be stretched.He danced thousands of times better than dance masters.Actually he approached lawrence in his home and asked help for a chance.He gave him a chance to dance.Lawrence did not coach him a single step. All the steps were practised on his own.All the participants accepted that they are nothing before that man.

Last week he introduced one man.His legs not working. He is wearing slippers in his hands and moving. His wife told that she willingly married him to give life to him. They are having two children. Their daughter told that it is her ambition to study well and help those like her father. Lawrence master donated Rs.50000 to their family which is his one week salary for judging that show. He took the responsibility for taking care of the children studies through his trust.He is accepting donations for his trust and he is getting many help all over Tamilnadu.

Myself and my friends are planning to send money to that “Lawrence Charitable Trust” and we have planned to collect money from our friends. We are requesting all those who read this post to join us.We have decided to take part in this society and help to our extent. We are nothing before Lawrence Master and those physically challenged but mentally tuned people. Those who agree with our words can join us. Believe us, we can also do good things.


4 Responses to “A HUMBLE REQUEST”

  1. pnithya said

    Great! Shall I tell you one thing? Rather than donating money, why not try to help them directly? You might get the satisfaction of helping them when we donate money , but still, if u try to help them directly then it would be really helpful and also you can ensure that you help had reached them !
    You can start a team, and we can find orgs which help such people and link them . This way they will be forevr getting help. If you donate money, that is just a small help. Just my thought.
    I was thinking of donating moeny to blue Cross, but then I realised what a waste it was, since anyone can swindle. So instead I started doing the work on my own rather than donating, which turned out to be more fruitful. But it takes lots of patience and good friends.

  2. Madan said

    This is good idea.But we first want to donate some money then only we will get a recognisation from their side.Larence master is a popular dance master and he has already got a link to many org. So if we donate money he will directly speak to us thro’ phone and we can tell your idea to him directly. So help us in collecting money..

  3. Madhukar said

    I appreciate the immediate and emotional reaction of yours after seeing the
    show.I totally agree with Pnithyas comments on doing some good work genuinely where you can monitor the work done and get the satisfaction.If you open your eyes and see,you can find many such disabled children near traffic signals,railway stations,bus stops and churches and temples who dont have access to the T.V. camera or any celebrities.Just as Pnita says think Globally and start acting locally.If your aim is to get some recognisation from sri.Lawrence,ofcourse you can send money.But if you have confidence in you and your friends,do act locally and slowly you will get recognition and above all the satisfaction and the blessings.Later you will see yourself and your team of good friends formed in to a recognised association.Good luck.

  4. madan said

    Dear Madhukar,
    Thank u for ur wishing and valuable suggestions.We accept all ur views and will definitely follow the same. As u said we are in our way to become an useful association.All our friends with same intentions are working jointly now.If u wish u can also take part.We expect more and more comments from u.On seeing our other posts u would have understood how we are enjoying our college days like childhood.But coming to this kind of matters we are really serious.But the thing is many do not believe this. You believed us and we will do our best….

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