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Slowly but steadily…

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on March 24, 2008

Today, March 24, 2008 i noted something unusual happening to our blog. Yes, today search engines have sent the most traffic to our blog ever since we started this blog. Thanks to Dance master Lawrence 😉

The major keyword that made the Google crawl over our blog was the Post on the Charitable trust run by Dance master Lawrence. The reason, why i write about this is to say that there are really good people in this world who are really concerned about the poor, they are the one’s who would have searched for such things over the net. Just see the keywords used.


Our blog has been listed second in the very first page for searches using most of these keywords.

One of my major principles is, “Do your duty do not expect any reward”. It is the duty of everyone to help the poor, but in this world we should not expect any reward for what we have done. And another important thing is that whatever we do we should do it for our own satisfaction and not for any rewards or any such things. We may not be noticed by the people for whatever good things we do, but GOD the Almighty will surely reward us in due time for every good thing we do in this world. So dance master lawrence and all those who searched for these information, with the real motive of helping the poor will be not be left unrewarded by GOD.

But, i’m not happy about onething that is those who have visited our blog hoping to get some details about Lawrence Charitable trust would not have got enough information about that. So, we’ll soon try to collect some information about that and try to post it in our blog.

Till then Ciaou.


Joel RED


2 Responses to “Slowly but steadily…”

  1. Great thing, but how did you capture this, Did you use print screen or is there any facility in the plugin itself to generate the picture ?

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  2. ~Joel.red~ said

    I just used printscreen dude, nothing special like plug-in or anything like that.

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