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Posted by *Madan kumar* on June 11, 2008

   My Communication skills mam will say Exceptions are not examples. But now i see some exceptions which are to be taken as examples.

Chandrababu (old comedian) sang in his film ” Panam irukkum manidharidam gunam iruppadhillai,gunam irukkum manidharidam panam iruppadhillai”.

Now actor Surya becomes an exception for this line. Yes i am talking about the documentary film ” HEROVA ZEROVA”. The film mainly insists on the need for education for children and it is not only for the parents not to send their children to work but also for the children who hesitate to go to school and cut their classes. Along with Soorya, Vijay, Madhavan, Jyothika have acted in his film and it is produced by Surya ( AGARAM FOUNDATIONS).

Surya says that the main inspiration for producing the film is his father Siva Kumar who is running a trust for the past 28 years mainly to help children for their education. The main reason Mr.Sivakumar says is that he dont want others to face difficulties as he faced in his life after his father died when he was a kid.
Surya says that the main reason for him getting so much fame is this society and so he wants to contribute something to the society in turn. He said that vijay, Madhavan, Jyothika are well known to all and so he feels that the message will easily reach to all.

I feel that only few of the people are having both panam and Gunam and the above said artists are such excrptions who are taken to be as examples…..

Some may feel that i like cinema and so i am focussing only on such cine field.. But the fact is that i get more chance to know about cine field and more over this news is more than cine news. And if i come to know about other things i will definitely write…


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