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Posted by *Madan kumar* on July 26, 2008

Two weeks before i went to watch Dasavatharm with a lot of expectations because it is my favourite director’s film… And thank god my expectation was satisfied more than i expected. Especially to tell about the variety of acting by universal hero. I was really stunned on seeing the ten characters. Still we are not able to find out how he reduced his height in Aburva sagotharargal….And now a new confusion added up..How he increased his height in Khalifula Khan character. At last in the climax when my director came in the screen my hands automatically joined together to clap…I felt sad that i dont know to whistle…… What a film in the cine history…No words to say…I want to say it as pictures



  1. %Ramkumar% said

    Yes madan i’m also satisfied with this film.Kamal has taken his terrific efforts in all ten characters.I heared that the “krishnaveni” and “khalifulha Khan” characters are made of graphics.Even my friends are also satisfied afetr watching the film.

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