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Posted by *Madan kumar* on August 18, 2008


This Saturday the revaluation results came and our friend ‘ischoool'(vasanth) has cleared his one and only arrear in discrete maths and now whole SIM has cleared all the papers. At the starting of Sem exams our president Aravind told that in this Sem we all must clear all papers. And we all thought whether it will be possible but we all built a confidence within ourselves and I can say that it is because of our team work we had in the two hours ( 8-10) in morning during exams which helped a lot in writing exams. It was just a give and take policy. One Sharing what all he knew with others and also learning from others what he doesnot know. Likewise we all had an useful pre- exam session which helped a lot apart from individual preparation at home.And one of our member, Hariharan(Academic Incharge) took some vital efforts in making us know something. Not only him, we all were sharing what we knew even it is a single point.
                  We all tasted the fruit of team work when the results came and now we are in the all cleared state. And congratulations to Manoj who have cleared one of his paper and to all others who have cleared their papers… And we are thankful to The Almighty for placing us in a safer side…..


4 Responses to “TEAM WORK PAID-OFF”

  1. ~Joel.red~ said

    Yeah, truly the team work has paid-off. Congrats to Vasanth (aka) iSchool 🙂
    And special thanks to our Academic incharge-Hariharan, for all the notes he used to prepare during examination. And Special Congrats to Kathiravan for getting the ‘All-Clear’ status for the first time. And above all GREAT THANKS to the ALMIGHTY GOD.
    All SMILES on every SIM member’s face, i think ‘SIMLES’ would be apt 🙂

  2. pnithya said

    Good SIMK! 🙂 I’m happy!

  3. madan said

    @Nithya: Thanks

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