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Posted by *Madan kumar* on August 22, 2008


      Only one bronze 8 years before. Only one silver 4 years before. It was an usual thing for us to wait for our country to appear atleast once in medal list.
    This year soon after olympics started Sania Mirza left injured.  But the victory came in the form of Abhinav Bindra that too a gold medal. The excitement was ametros for me. And within few days I saw a forwarded sms in my friend’s mobile that Anjali Bhagwat won another gold. The moment i was just flying in the air. But that excitement lasted only for few minutes. Soon I came to know that it was a rumour.I just started to think that this year only one gold and it is a slight improvement. But to my surprise Sushil Kumar won a bronze in wrestling and this news came to me soon after he won. And the next day the news came that a bronze is confirmed for  Vijayendar Kumar in boxing… Now India possessing three medals…. And i feel as though i myself have won hundreds of medals…..Chak de, Chak de India.


2 Responses to “CHAK DE INDIA”

  1. I too didn’t expect so much from Indian squad when Olympics started, but our Sportsmen have turned every predictions false and showed the real sportsmen spirit. And all Congrats to Bindra, Sushil and Vijendar. Who set the Indian banners on high. Chak de India !!

  2. madan said

    Now it can be seen that there are qualified players in India. But the thing is we are not concentrating in such sports and games.

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