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Posted by *Madan kumar* on August 25, 2008

               Actually our SIM members are professionals in creating blunt jokes. But one person made our ears full of blood.Few days before Joel and Vivek invented the below two points…

1. Why earth doesnot brak in to pieces?
       Because it has Gum in it ( ulagum)

2. Where did Mahabaratha took place?
        Reason: Sambavaami Yuge Yuge ( uk uk)

 I was proud that our members could generate such standard blunts…And the next day one of our classmate invented the following points which was the peak of all..

1. What is the opposite of Flashback?
           Photoshop Front

2. What is the tamil translation for HoneyWell(a CORE company)
            Theni ulle Keni

The person i have mentioned is a girl and by the blunt she invented u must find out who she is…


3 Responses to “WHY BLOOD? SAME BLOOD”

  1. pnithya said

    I’m going to commit suicide! 😦

  2. madan said

    Then definitely similar posts will be continued….

  3. pnithya said

    Thanks for the warning! 😛
    I’ll get SIMK protection gear before venturing here again!

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