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SIM officials retain their posts !!

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on September 13, 2008

The Second official election for the various posts of SIM Kazhagam (சிம் கழகம் ) was held on 12th September 2008. And seperate elections were conducted for every posts. And there was no change in the current position of the SIM members.

The portfolio of the SIM kazhagam(சிம் கழகம்) is as below,

President: Aravind Raj. K.

Vice-President: Madan Kumar. V.

General Secretary: Kathiravan. V.

Treasurer: Ram Kumar. G.

Assembly Speaker: Joel Ronald Ebenezer. D.

Academic Head: Hariharan. B.

Director : Nirmal Kumar. R. P.

Official Entertainer: Vasantha Kumar. D.

I wish them all the best, and i’m sure that each one will do their best for the Upliftment of the Society. Lot of interesting stuff are yet come. Till then, bye. Keep in touch.


Joel RED (Assembly Speaker)


10 Responses to “SIM officials retain their posts !!”

  1. pnithya said

    Coooooooool !!!!

  2. pnithya said

    And who voted actually? Cats and rats?

  3. Vivek said

    where is your defence incharge??!! 😮 😡

    i quit! 😛

  4. The work of the Defence incharge is to protect the members of SIM Kazhagam. If we tell who is our defence incharge in public then the controversies may attack the Defence Incharge itself. So we did not tell the name of the Defence Incharge openly.

  5. Vivek said

    who is gonna attack the defence incharge??!! 😮

    the defence incharge quits! 😛 😛

  6. Vivek said

    m taking back what i said…. 😀

    m back to protect! 8)

  7. @ Nithya: ‘Cats’ and ‘Rats’ typical Nithya’s Comment 😛

    @ Vivek: THE DEFENCE INCHARGE HUMAN MAN is back to Protect SIM. Do any one dare to attack us??

  8. Ramkumar said

    To Nithya : ‘Cats’ and ‘Rats’ will only vote for the ‘MIS’ gang which contains domestic animals like dogs,cats,teddy,lizards,etc. Whereas ‘Tigers’ and ‘Lions’ will vote for the ‘SIM kazhagam’ which contains wild animals like tigers,lions,leopards,cheetah,etc.

  9. Avenger said

    thanks itchy skull

    as long as m here, only i can lay hands on u…no one else can! 😛

  10. iscool said

    sim is anchored by the great president aravind(natamai),General Secretary kathiravan.V,Ph.d holders like joel,madan,ram,nirmal.they are given a rigth post .sim rules….

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