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LKG Vs Ph.D.

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on September 15, 2008

The title of this post is interpreted as MIS Vs SIM. If you don’t know what is MIS then just read this post and come back.

I’ll come straight into what i have to say, Everyone at our department knows What is SIM and what they are known for, all these days we were without any alternate. Now a group of Girls, our friends the Well-wishers of SIM have started a new Kazhagam called MIS. The very name MIS itself was just the reverse of SIM. So we can expect them to do the opposite of whatever we do.

SIM was started 2 years before and it’s continuing to Rock in it’s own way. We have no enemies nor competitors. But this is the first challenge SIM is facing. But SIM members say “வீரன் வாழ்க்கைல இதெல்லாம் சகஜமப்பா” and we all know that “MISன்  இந்த ஜம்பம் எல்லாம் செல்லாது செல்லாது”.

SIM are Ph.Ds in giving thoppi(தொப்பி), we are specialized in giving all kinds and all size of thoppis. And MIS is nowhere near us, they are LKGs in giving thoppi. They are doing comedy by telling that they are going to catch us in no time. Blog readers நீங்களே சொல்லுங்க இது அவங்களுக்கே ஓவரா தெரியலையா??

The first attempt of MIS was, they poured water on our benches(SIM Head quarters) when SIM was out to the mess to have lunch. And claimed that they have showed water “தண்ணி காட்டிட்டோம்”. We can’t control our laughter looking at their amateur way of playing pranks.

They copied everything from us, right from the name to our first generation blunts. MIS are the ultimate Copy Cats, அவங்கள கொஞ்சமாவது திருந்த சொல்லுங்க.

  • Dora is the Mastermind behind all these childish attacks.
  • Puppy is leading the attack.
  • Melody is almost crying when we say “நீயுமா??”
  • Teddy is trying to escape from the scene after doing all kusumbu.
  • We can’t under estimate ஆத்தா too.
  • Jailor was not in the scene, when the MIS was (mis)formed, but she is capable of doing the MIS அராஜகம்.
  • Limsy is absconding somewhere in the innermost parts of south Tamilnadu.
  • Ding, ding, ding, is giving silent commands.
  • Kili josiyakaari is sitting in a corner predicting what will happen to SIM next.

SIM is all set to face the “WAR of PEACE”. Come on MIS girls put on your armour and come to the Battle field.

Try to touch us atleast, if you can’t beat us !!


16 Responses to “LKG Vs Ph.D.”

  1. Vivek said

    a slight clarification red… MIS are not in LKG…they are still in creche!!! 😛 toddlers…babies who cant even walk properly…

    and points about melody, limsy and teddy are just great..too great…ROFL

  2. MIS said

    Atleast people will admire and enjoy childish pranks ,not the polambal of old kezhams(PhD)
    … jakardha..thaduki kizha vizhundhuda poreenga old people… We are mightier not only in words but also in deeds

  3. CADI said

    we are not kezhams coz we are finished PhD in just two years .We are young scholars.

  4. pnithya said

    Kelams! Right! Fear us young people!

  5. Sullan said

    @MIS: naanga keela viluradhu irukkattum. Nee ippave keela vilundha sizela dhaan irukka. first get up and then talk…

    @Nithya: Miss.Krishnaveni, unga pulla aaravadhu boodhan rose milk vaangi wait pannraru.poi rose milk kudichitu pogo channel paaru…periya aalunga kooda modhadhe…Bow Bow

  6. pnithya said

    MAD Fellow!! Sullan??? THU!
    If you want rose milk , get it from MIS! At this OLd age (Kelava) , its better u sit in a rocking chair and drink rose milk! (No teeth at all) 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. pnithya said

    Dubukku Doel- Assembly Speaker
    Thurupidhicha Kambi -General Secretary
    Nimmi Ammi doggie- Director
    Kucchi Pisasu- Vice-President
    Pisin ( The fake hero)- Treasurer
    Laughing Buddha- Official Entertainer
    Official Mental – Academic Head

  8. remo(ambi) said

    ulagamengilum SIMai mingida yaaru
    SIM petradhil perumai kolludhu CSE
    ulaga naayagan naangal
    ulaga naayagan naangal
    MIS kandu viyakkum, ini
    Inavum engalai alaikkum..

  9. SIM president said

    @MIS: yaanai pole poonai thinna jeeranam aagadhu, akka jeeranam aagadhu

  10. CADI said

    I’m not said or exposed myself as Hero.You are teased me as a fake hero. This shows that i’ve appeared as like real hero to you people(MIS) right…..?

    And also your so jealous on me bcoz asin loved and married me….

    “Heros are not born, They are made”.

    Thank you for making me as a hero

  11. Vivek said

    heros are not born..they are made!! lolz

    nice one cadi!

  12. iscool said

    MIS is a ultimate copy of sim ,it is a mirror image of sim ,as rightly said it is a clash between ph.d vs L.K.G.

  13. pnithya said

    its not copy… its tea! 😛

  14. Vivek said

    worst blunt i have ever read!

  15. ~Joel.red~ said

    @ CADI : Sema Punch 🙂

    @ Iscool : Mirror image !! Ha ha 🙂

    @ Nithya : “Copy-Tea” That is a first generation Mokkai 😛

  16. Vivek said

    u consider that a first generation mokkai….not worth that

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