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Posted by $ Kathiravan $ on September 17, 2008

This post has the experience of me and madan in our final year tour. First let me share my experience.

My Experience :-

The first two years of my college life was in the hostel and I enjoyed the hostel life very much and till now, I had a wonderful life with my SIM members. But I had one phobia i.e, fear to talk with girls. I don’t know what the reason was. It can be that I studied in boy’s school till 12th and it can be that I’ve no sisters. Whatever may be the reason, I was always having the fear when I had talk with the girl. But now, I can talk without much fear. Thanks to two of our class girls who teased me in the tour. I was really stunned when they teased. But my friends motivated me and also shouted at me to tease girls and game started there. I think that must be the point where my fear started disappearing. And now I can talk to girls just as my other friends. And also in the tour, we had chances to talk and go with some of the boys with whom we had no contact much. And mow we have many friends both boys and girls much before all because of the final year tour.

Madan’s Experience :-

Actually the final year tour was impossible for me till the last few hours of the day of tour. Thanks to kathir because of whom I had my tour. At the beginning of the tour I thought that 5 of us will be left alone in the tour and in the first day, it was not so. We went to all rides in veega land with many of our friends and it was wonderful day. The day in munnar we 5 only were alone in the all places. I don’t know whether it is because we did not move with the others or vise versa. Next day few unexpected things happened. Suddenly in kodaikanal, 5 of our class girls started teasing us which was actually the effect of kathir being teased the previous day. Then we started teasing them and a great friendship blossomed there and a team of Dhasavadaram formed there (we 5, they 5) where we had a lot of fun some wonderful experience.

Now our friendships continue successfully and hope it will continue forever. According to me, friendship day is not that one comes in a year. It comes five times in a year i.e, August 7,8,9,10,11. Thank god and special thanks to my friends who made me go tot tour or else I would have missed the beautiful session of my life.

6 Responses to “TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF”

  1. Vivek said

    u r wrong madan….friendship days do not come on those 5 days…..everyday is a frndship day…..
    and nice word…..dasavathaaram…cool 8)

    kudos to kathir!😀

    we should never forget each other….😉😀

  2. madan said

    sure vivek.We will not forget each other and those five days is actually the great start of the friendship..

  3. pnithya said

    Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !😛
    Actually nice to read this post! :s)🙂
    We girls are also happy that this happened and the last two days of the tour was saved ( was lot more fun) because of SIM!!

  4. pnithya said

    Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !😛
    Actually nice to read this post!🙂🙂
    We girls are also happy that this happened and the last two days of the tour was saved ( was lot more fun) because of SIM!!

  5. When i heard that Kathiravan is kalaaichifying those two girls in tour, i was surprised. I felt happy that he has got some nice friends.

  6. Vivek said

    forgot to add….1st pic is nice!!! lolz

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