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Sensed the Death Fear

Posted by *Madan kumar* on October 13, 2008

Yesterday was the day where i went till the core of my death and came outside. I was walking in the street after taking my record print out. It was the time the heavy rain had just stopped.The road was full of stagnant water and no way to walk. So i walked by passing through the entrance of each house shifting from one house entrance to other.Doing so i was about to cross a house entrance and one thing came out of that house suddenly and i was struck at that moment because the thing was the one on seeing which my nerves will vibrate like any thing and my heart will beat twice or thrice the usual rate. Yes it was not a thing. It was a dog. It was looking constantly at me and i cannot stand at that place and cannot run also as there was no way in the street and i was having my print out also. I also looked at the dog saying to it,please if you want to bite me leave me with small bites. Dont expect too much with me. உசுருக்கு சேதாரம் இல்லாம சின்ன காயத்தோட என்ன அனுப்பி வச்சிடு. Thinking like this i crossed that place closing my eyes. Fortunately the dog did not do any thing. I dont know whether it was not hungry or it could not find any flesh in me. Any way I was fortunate yesterday and the dog showed sympathy.


10 Responses to “Sensed the Death Fear”

  1. CADI said

    I very much worried about that dog it missed a nice bone man. I think that the dog had its lunch before itself right.

  2. ~Joel.red~ said

    I really pity you!! So much scared of dogs. But you must always remember “Barking dogs seldom bite” and also “Devil comes only to those only who seek after it”. Whether it is நாய் or பேய் it will chase only those who are afraid of it. So stay cooool when you see a dog:-)

  3. pnithya said

    OMG!!! Wen only you are gonna get out of his fear??? See, you are making the dog look like some horrible creature just because of your imaginations!!

    Read this.

  4. pnithya said

    A dog will bite only if someone hurts it with a stone or anything else! Some dogs bite humans because, previously an idiot would have hurt it. Just like you fear dogs, they fear humans and try defending them!

  5. pnithya said

    See this video.

    Either people hate animals. The few others don’t hate them but are scared of them!!! 😦

  6. Vivek said

    Dont expect too much with me ROFL dude…ROFL
    and i would once again like to quote

    “If an animal hurts you while you are handling it, it has not done anything wrong.You are handling it wrongly” – Steve Irwin
    and like nithya said…u hurt the dog…it hurts u…
    and joel is right too…look scared when an animal is near u…and the animal is sure to attack/try to attack u…..look bold…act at least! 😛 😉 (not that i should teach u this part..)

  7. madan said

    @Nithya: I will read the link and try to come out of fear but it is not an easy thing for me to come out..Let me try…….
    @Joel, vivek: In biology we have learnt that some acts are controlled by spinal cord which is out of our control like closing our eyes when some thing comes in front of our eyes….Like that i think the fear of dogs is not controlled by me…….

  8. […] Sullan, Body Soda, Madan is afraid of dogs.Even the very mentioning of the word scares him. Read here about his experience he faced recently! The reason why he hates dog maybe because of his […]

  9. Marc said

    Also, don’t stare into a dog’s eyes. It’s a challenge to the dog.

    Another tip is to wear jeans and shoes all the time to give the dog a tougher time biting you… 😀 Try it.

  10. Vishnu said

    “I very much worried about that dog it missed a nice bone man”

    It must be a Vegetarian Dog…

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