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Posted by *Madan kumar* on October 20, 2008

After the sms culture became popular, forwarding jokes came into practice. It is a nice thing because we can get a chance to enjoy the joke and laugh for sometime. But i think now this culture is losing its value just because of the Sardarji jokes. Is it right? Who are sardarjis? Are they a comic character or cartoon character to tell jokes on them? Sardarjis come from the land where they love our country like any thing and we can find them as great patriotic people. Many such great people and leaders have come from their land and more over they are also Indians and we are also Indians. Why we Indians are portraying another Indian as a fun characrter. This shows how foolish we are. We are not insulting other. We are insulting ourselves. I accept that jokes are told just for fun. But can’t we tell jokes with some other imaginary character? And one more  culture is telling jokes on one American,one Russian and one Indian. Some people use this joke to express value of Indians. I always use to hear such ones. But some simply tell this joke to under estimate our nation. Even small kids start telling this kind of jokes and sardarji jokes. See, how those innocent minds are spoiled by these kinds of practices. . Jokes are told to keep us relaxed and sometimes we can use to convey a message through comedies. But a joke should not be used to spread bad practices like one Indian insulting another Indian as in case of sardar jokes. Just think….. Even if we are not able to do any good to our nation, no problem,simply be quiet. But avoid becoming the cause of under estimating or insulting our nation and nation members. So we people must think of it and i would be happy if atleast one realises what i am saying and stop saying such jokes. We people may say such jokes just for fun. But we cannot make sure that all those who hear our jokes will also take it only for fun. Dont encourage people saying sardarji jokes or any such which is not advisable for our nation’s good.


19 Responses to “JUST THINK……..”

  1. Vivek said

    well said madan…they are indeed making a fool of sardars!they are considered patriotic and brave…
    this “sardarji” jokes has grown wide and far…u can even see sardarji jokes category when u search the net for jokes!!!

    as madan said…think better of all the people…not only your country ppl…but all!!!

  2. Yes. Happy that one man has accepted my point. Let me see how many stop saying sardarji jokes.

  3. pnithya said

    I delete them nowadays!

  4. madan said

    I also delete but it has to be deleted not only from cell but also from our minds…….Thats my wish……….

  5. ~Joel.red~ said

    Well said Madan, but many of the tamil people who say Sardarji jokes don’t know that Sardarji’s say Madarasi jokes, and they also don’t know that they are also made fools in the Sardarji’s land. Should not we put an end to this disgusting thing?? Humour should make everyone laugh, but if it hurts even a single person it’s not humour it’s vulgarity.

  6. Vivek said

    any kind of thing that is enjoyable by all and doesnt hurt others is a comedy – anonymous

    how rite!!!

  7. Marc said

    I automatically delete all forwards.

    The jokes poking fun at Indians are only funny because they are partly true.

  8. CADI said

    @Madan :I’ve already stopped forwarding this type of messages. Bcoz you said it two weeks before itself.

  9. I will not encourage these kind of jokes here after,You please send reply to the person who sends you these kind of jokes insisting about the importance of Values of INDIANS and INDIA.

  10. Vishnu said

    Yeah…Thats rite… We shouldn’t encourage these kinda jokes..
    So from now dont use Sardarji… instead use Hema…(Hemachandran)

    Hema and his friend, both student of A.I.H.T, chennai, were talking about the American Astronauts.

    He said to Hema , “What’s the big deal about going to the moon-anybody can go to the moon. We are AIHT ns we will go direct to the sun.”

    “But if we get within 13 million miles from the sun, we’ll melt.”

    Hema answered, “So what, we’ll go at night.”

    This is not to hurt anyone… Just for laughs… Nothing else.. No offence…

  11. Vishnu said

    If the above is encouraged then am ready to forward this via mobile sms, there by replacing all sardarji jokes to hemaji jokes…

    Nice idea na…. ?

  12. Vivek said

    the most horrible idea ever! 😐

  13. rajaash said

    how can prevent the gas accident

  14. madan said

    @vishnu: I said sardarji jokes to be stopped because sardarjis are also Indians and they also have feelings. Is hemachandran not an Indian? How can we hurt him? You can start Hemaji jokes if and only if he gives you permission.

  15. Vishnu said

    Am just kidding… y are u like this…?

  16. madan said

    I did not mistake you. I know you are kidding. But i told that if you get Hema’s permission you can start Hemaji jokes.

  17. Hari said

    Sardars actually possess high level of intellect. They do math faster than us

  18. Madan said

    Any experience in IIITB?

  19. Ranjeet said

    Good madan good …
    Good thinking this will make the people think good about Sardarji’s

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