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Posted by *Madan kumar* on November 21, 2008



                      I would like to say the lines said in the beginning of the film Chennai-28.” Though our country is divided into many states, languages and culture, in one thing  no one can beat our unity. That is cricket.”

                      It is 100% true because if we think of it, some eleven people are playing and if they win means we will jump from earth to sky and if they lose means we will be sad as though we played and missed. It is because they are not referred as eleven. They are said as Indian team. It actually brings a pride for a country when its team wins a match in any game. But for India it is cricket which is considered the most.

                 I was not interested in this game till seventh standard. You believe or not I did not know what is called a run, a wicket or a pitch. But it was because of my father I knew about the rules of this wonderful game and started watching the matches. When i started watching, the captain was Azaruddin and the team was called Sachin-Ganguly team (the openers). If they gave a solid opening the team is sure to win but if they were out the entire team falls following them. But the way both the openers come in like a Marathi tiger and a Bengal tiger, it will be a visual feast to watch. But one thing I disliked was the entire team was dependent on them.

                  Then Australia rose up to the peak and stood there for a hat-trick world cup win. It was that no one can go near them. It was because each and every player there contributed equally to them. And South Africa famous for confidence. I started dreaming my Indian team. I dreamt a team with lot of young blood, with dedicated youths who will be waiting to achieve something and few senior players as a guide. That time the captaincy went to Ganguly who is the best ever captain I have seen. He was the one who brought in some of the young players in to the team. The aggresion (in the positive sense) in him to manage the team brought many victories. But his bad luck, he lost the captaincy, the place, everything. Then the team was struggling especially during 2007 world cup. 

                 I was watching who will be the next rescuer. Then came the young Dhoni as a captain in such a young age. He proved his eficiency as a captain. Some may say that it is simply his luck. But I cannot agree this. Because luck cannot favour in every match without talent. I agree that the time he came, the team also started to form well. And the way he does his captaincy, I could see another Ganguly in that. But the thing is that Ganguly will get tensed soon at critical situations but Dhoni will be cool at any stage and manages. Thats what I admire. To tell about the team, it is now perfect as what i wished with a strong opening by Young Gambhir and Shewag and followed by young but full formed batsmen. And in the middle, like a firewall comes Yuvraj on whom I can see another Robin Singh( in fielding) the player I liked most that days. And now I can see my team boldly facing any team whether it is Australia or any other. Even we had continuous wins against Australia and now the consecutive wins against England.

                    And now the team is not dependent on one player. All are participating equally whether it is bowling, batting or fielding. And whether the team wins or not they are fighting till the last ball and especially the tricks that Dhoni is doing with sudden bowling changes and batting order, field positions. I would like to say a moment in T20 world cup finals against Pakistan. It was just 6 runs needed for pakistan in last 4 or 5 balls and Misbah was there sweeping all balls backside. Like that he played few shots and they were about to win. And that time he played a same kind of shot backwards and the ball was flying towards backwards boundary and I thought the game is over. But suddenly a hand came there from Sreesanth to catch it and thats it. They were all out and we won. No body knew when Dhoni placed a man at that point in the field. Any how now the Indian team is filled with youths and few seniors like Sachin, Sehwag and Harbhajan. And some experienced players like Robin Singh, Srikanth in the selection board.

                    But one sad news is that the Bengal Tiger has retired and we cannot replace his place. Any how the team is now well settled and are proving in every matches.  I can see some people saying that it is boring to see matches because India is always winning every match. See how the team has changed  and formed. Let us see what happens in future.  I want the team to continue its progress.



One Response to “MY DREAM ELEVEN”

  1. Vivek said

    nice post madan…azhar was the best captain, as for me…and robin singh proved his worth showing his talents with his bat, bowling skills and exceptional fielding abilities….all may be replaced…but the replacements will never take te place of the following players

    ajay jadeja,
    robin singh,
    venkeash prasad,
    javagal srinath,
    ganguly, and
    nayan mongia…

    dohni no matter how well he keeps…nayan mongia is the best keeper for india…till date!

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