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If It Can Expire

Posted by *Madan kumar* on January 21, 2009

              This post is similar to Shankar’s film. That is the concept of “If it happens”. The thing is not easy to happen but how nice it would be if it happens. Likewise this post is one which is based on purely imaginary concept but how nice it would be if this imagination becomes real.

         Let us get in to the post. “If it can expire”. What does the “It” mean. It means to the one which is the main reason for all the disputes and problems in this world. But for which every one of us is searching and to attain which many are leading their every day activity. Yes i am talking about money. Now consider that similar to eatables and medicines money also has Expiration date. That is we have to spend that money within a week or two otherwise it will expire and will have no value. Then will any one search for money every second to save money for their children, grand children, for next 10 decades etc? Will there be any black market, corruption, bribery etc? Every one will earn only for that day or week, spend it for expenditures and again earn for next round. No possibility of saving in bank, black market, searching for more and more money. Then there will be no corrupt minds because all illegal activities are done only for the sake of earning money, more and more money. There will be no jealous, no disputes, no money inflammation,no inequality. Because all are equal every second. They will earn only what is needed and will be no rich and  poor because how much ever a man has money he can have it only till expiration and eventhough he can buy gold, diamonds and save it instead of money he cannot use it because if he sells it for money he cannot spend that much money within the expiration time. So it is of no use.

         It is just my imagination and dont know how effective it is or it is very childish. I wrote what came in my mind. Let me see what opinions come from others in the form of comments.


4 Responses to “If It Can Expire”

  1. Vivek said

    nice one madan….really good! it is as u said, childish, but is unique….hope this comes true!!!

  2. Need of the hour i should say. This isn’t childish but really innovative.
    Money is an essential evil, but it’s not the whole Life.
    Come up with more such ideas, we will implement it when WE rule our India 🙂

  3. It should really happen,then only many of them will realize the value of human.
    I am waiting for your next post(about your new script with many twist)

  4. madan said

    Actually i have planned my new script to be taken as a film. What romba overa irukkulla? What to do? Imagination has no boundary. The basic story was given by Aravind and I made the screenplay suitable for my Ilaiya Super Star Dhanush to act in that script. I will tell the script to you soon.

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