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Posted by #Aravind Raj# on February 9, 2009

அரவிந்த் இன் FLASH BACK  starts !!!

Do you know about flash back?

Flash back means கடந்த கால சம்பவங்கள் or மறைத்து வைக்கபட்டுள்ள ரகசியங்கள்…………

ஒவ்வொரு மனிதனுக்கு பின்னால் ஆயிரகணக்கில் ரகசியங்கள் இருக்கலாம், அந்த ரகசியங்கள் எல்லாம் ஒரு நாள் வெளிவரும் என்பதில் எந்த சந்தேகமும் இல்லை ………..

This FLASH BACK is also of same kind!!!

WAIT AND SEE………………………………………


9 Responses to “FLASH BACK-ARVIND !!!”

  1. Vivek said

    cant wait!

  2. Aravind said

    Nothing wrong in waiting for great things

  3. Vivek said

    that was in a sarcastic tone! 😛 😛

    lol…juz kiddin!

  4. “A man without secrets worths less,so maintain atleast one secret in your life”.
    “ரகசியங்கள் இல்லா மனிதக்கு மதிப்பிலை”.

  5. gkvishnu said

    But Hema ku entha secret tum illa…. He ll tell whatever he feels… Avan avlo pesuvan… Pesuvan pesuvan pesikittae irrupan…

  6. Ramkumar said

    Flash back is not telling the secrets but telling some funny incidences occurred in our life.

  7. Kavitha said

    who are you guys?

    • Madan said

      We are a group of college mates, friends, with similar mind set, a easy going fun loving people. Can you say who are you?

      • Ramkumar said

        When you see from outside, we are simple,
        If you try to predict, we are jumble,
        For friendly people, we are humble,
        If you are a similar person, you can also mingle.

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