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Studies and only studies

Posted by *Madan kumar* on March 11, 2009

In my last post i told that the post is similar to Shankar’s film based on “if it happens concept”.That is the concept is not possible to happen. But how nice it would be if it happens. In this post the concept is that it is not difficult to happen. But it has not happened yet. Let us roll back the days to January 31, 2009.

That day only we had our project first review. After finishing it me, aravind, ram, nirmal and vasanth planned to go to matinee show to any theatre. The film was my rocking Dhanush’s Padikkadhavan. There was a dilemma to choose the theatre. The theatres nominated were Melody, Ganapathyram, Udhayam, Kaasi, Sathyam and after so many discussions two theatres were decided Kaasi and Udhayam and we caught the city bus and there we were discussing which among the two to select and finally Kaasi was the winner.

Then in bus we were talking about one important imagination. That is, imagine we friends will always talk about studies and nothing else other than studies in college time. Even if we go to home we will always think about college and studies. Even in lunch time, interval time, in college bus we will talk only about studies, assignment, project etc etc. Do you think this is possible to happen? Why not? Definitely it can happen. When? When we people join the film institute and take any course.

Do you know how? Because now itself we are any time talking about film, music, direction, editing, choreography, cinematography, hero, heroine, theatre, release, hit, flop and what are else possible although it is only a time pass. And if we were studying in film institute then our time pass changes to profession and the interest we have in cine industry will make us legends in college. Ram told that if we were studying in film college will we go to project centre? No we will do our own research project and all reviews will be so successful and we will voluntarily arrange for industrial visits, field works and now we going to theatre can be informed to college formally as field work. And will we have the word arrear in university exams? No. Every sem we will be the class toppers. If mam gives any assignment then we will finish and submit the next day itself and we will sincerely prepare for even class tests and monthly tests.

Like this our discussion was going till we reached Kaasi theatre. This imagination came because that much interest we have on cine field. But now we have some other responsibilities other than this. The profession we have chosen now and upcoming duties. We have to first fulfil those duties and then let us see whether this imagination comes true.


14 Responses to “Studies and only studies”

  1. Vivek said

    theres a theater named melody? nice! 😉 😀
    and lol…some imagination u have got madan…lol!

  2. Madan said

    I would be the happiest person if that imagination comes true

  3. Vivek said

    and why might that be?

  4. Madan said

    As I said I want to be a part of Cinema more than being a fan and audience.

  5. Ramkumar said

    Actually i’ve choosen the theater kaasi. So the winner is not kaasi. The winner is Ramkumar.

    And you’ve not spoken anything about the film. It was awesome and we enjoyed the film so much.

  6. madan said

    Yes how can i forget the film that too my Dhanush rocked……..

  7. Many students have this desire of being a part of cine world.

    The real matter is its a universe when we compare our profession to ocean,you have to work very hard for it.
    “all the best”

  8. Karthika said

    ரொம்ப யோசிக்காதிங்க.. மூளை குறைஞ்சுட போகுது 😛

  9. I accept the fact that, if we study something according to our interest, we do it with utmost Sincerity. But i strongly detest your idea of getting into the Cine field. Cinema is a FAKE world. People can well live without Cinema. Cinema was once an Entertainment but now it has become ENTIREtiment 😦 Really Annoying news to hear.

  10. pnithya said

    Nice Thoughts!! Yea! IT will be jolly to direct short films! 🙂

  11. gkvishnu said

    Madan, Nirmal..

    as far as i know these two have great talents that none of us in our class have got.

    You ppl can really rock if you choose CINEMA,ENTERTAINMENT.

    And Joel.. I cant really accepet what you told..

    “Cinema is a FAKE world. People can well live without Cinema.”

    I would say CINEMA iS imagination and not FAKE. Both have different meanings.

    And about this point “People can well live without Cinema”. This cant be the reason to avoid CINEMA. Even people can live without softwares and other kind of jobs. Cant we…?

    SO DONT GO TO INFY (:p). hey just kidding..

    Nirmal have got great acting skill.. He may come out as the next super star if he goes to cinema..(ITHU KONJAM OVER THAN). Madan creats great concepts.

    And madan remember the skit we played on the stage for our college day…? Nirmal’s acting was really really great.. It went great only bcaz of u two…

    But the poor music system… sorry.. audio system spoiled everything….


    “As I said I want to be a part of Cinema more than being a fan and audience”

    Great words.. If you come as a great star or a director i ll remind these line for you… Keep rocking…

    But beware..

  12. madan said

    Thanks vishnu for all our compliments and I cant forget our college day performance but a part of it was not good that is it did not reach the audience. Well that can be taken by us as a lesson but the major skit was a great hit. And regarding fake and imagination, nice differentiation. And as you said we can live without software or cinema but we should not live without aim. And my aim is to achieve something in cinema before i die but not as a star. Because in padikkadavan one famous dialogue is there ” Nammalala enna mudiyumo adha mattum dhaan seianum”. And last but not the least cinema is good or bad that depends on those who enter into it.

  13. ECR MP said

    really i appreciate for writing a post about cinema….. some rumour comes about cinema is a FAKE world. Its not true. Acccording to me its a means of giving life to our imaginations, to our thoughts. Any msg conveyed through tis media ll reach the people quickly and strongly. It can also serve as a great entertainer. But the thing is we people should use this media for such creative purposes if not we should avoid using it for unwanted purposes.

    ஒரு ரசிகனாய்,
    நல்லதை எடு சினிமாவில் இருந்து
    தீயதை விடு சினிமாவில் இருந்து

    ஒரு கலைஞனாய்,
    நல்லதை கொடு சினிமாவிற்கு
    தீயதை கொடுக்காதே சினிமாவிற்கு

  14. Vivek said

    Cinema is both fake and real! Havent you all seen real time stories made into movies?? Like BAND OF BROTHERS, BLACK HAWK DOWN, BEHIND ENEMY LINES, etc etc….there are fake movies though!

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