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LIC வந்தாச்சு இறங்கு இறங்கு !!

Posted by ~Joel.red~ on April 10, 2009

February 27 2009 is an unforgettable day in the life of  three Members of our SIM Kazhagam namely, Aravind Raj (ECR MP), Madan Kumar and Myself ( Joel Ronald). That was the day in which We learnt a great lesson in life. That was the day in which we realized how true is the Proverb “கற்றது கையளவு, கல்லாதது உலகளவு” (Known is a drop, unkown is an ocean)

It was on the Evening of 26th Feb i got a SMS from Madan asking me whether i could accompany him to Ritchie Street the Next day, as he wanted to buy some Computer Accessories. I said ok, planned everthing and went to sleep without knowing what is going to happen the next day.

The Next day, that is on 27th February morning i got up, got ready and as per the plan i  started from home. After waiting for about 45minutes the bus came and i boarded the bus. Meanwhile on the other end, Body soda and ECR MP had started their 3o Rupees ticket tour. After we assembled at a meeting point, we went on for the purchase.


First we got into a Shop to buy Monitor for Body Soda, they Showed us a Monitor. பொட்டு எல்லாம் வச்சு பார்க்கவே ரொம்ப மங்களகரமா இருந்துச்சு (eng). But the cost told by the sales person was too much, we tried our best to bargain, but  no gain, only mouth strain, so  hereafter i should refrain, from bargain.

After finishing our purchase we started our way back to home. But the greatest queston  was how to carry the Monitor home without breaking it. That Monitor was weighing a Ton. Everyone agreed to carry the Monitor in a Round Robin manner ( See, this is an real life application of what we learnt in OS at college 😛 ) First it was our President who tried his hands in the experiment and then Madan and then Myself like this the first round was over. Meanwhile we had crossed the road and had reached the other side of the road opposite to ritchie street.

Something might have struck the minds of the guys with me, I’m not sure whether it’s Madan or our President came up with the idea of boarding a bus to reach the next bus stop that is the LIC Bus stop, because all Buses do not stop at the bus stop opposite to Ritchie street. Since the Monitor was too heavy to carry, i thought  சரி எதோ பசங்க அக்கறையா சொல்றாங்களேன்னு  பஸ்ல ஏறினேன்  (eng). Since Madan and our President had 30 Rupees ticket, i alone took  ticket and additonally one ticket for the Monitor (Luggage ticket).

We boarded the bus, took the ticket and just relaxed that’s it, Madan started shouting LIC வந்தாச்சு இறங்கு இறங்கு !! (eng) I didn’t even had the time to react, there wasn’t any time to think where we are, whether we could reach LIC so soon or any other thought. I somehow managed to jump out of the Bus with the Monitor in hand. Only then i realized i was standing at the Middle of the road and LIC was nowhere near where we were and we haven’t event travelled 20 metres in the Bus. I turned towards Madan, he couldn’t withstand my Look and started laughing. This is what had happened, the bus had stopped in  a signal and Madan who was standing, bent down to see where we were. His eyes somehow managed to locate a small signboard with the caption LIC in an unknown building , so without giving a second thought or verfiying whether it was the LIC building he had started shouting LIC வந்தாச்சு இறங்கு இறங்கு !!

As one could guess we had no other option than to start walking towards LIC, continuing the Round Robin technique. Ok, அதெல்லாம் இருக்கட்டும்  என்ன பா எதோ Great Lesson.. Known is a drop… அப்படி இப்படின்னு சொன்னன்னு கேட்கலாம் (eng). Yeah yeah i’m coming to that:

The Moral or the greatest Lesson that we learnt out of this incident is “When you take ticket for LIC, get down only when the Bus reaches LIC” If you keep this in mind you can become a great person in this world.

Ok, ok, please, please don’t stare at me like that, இப்ப என்ன நடந்து போச்சுன்னு இப்படி மொறைக்கறீங்க (eng) ??? Ok Cool down, coool down 😎 . It’s not my mistake, you should have known what/whose  blog you are reading 🙂

And we somehow managed to reach home safely without breaking the  Monitor. At this point i’m reminded of one more idea given by our two guys. That is to take 30 rupees ticket for the Monitor too, since we had to board different buses to reach home and we have to take luggage ticket at every bus we board. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to Cry. I guess you too are  in  similar state now. Cool down 😀

[ PS :

1.  I’m posting here in Bluntcorner after 5 long months

2. If you don’t know to read Tamil, don’t worry,  just point your mouse on the link named (eng) next to each Tamil sentence and you can see the romanised version of the Tamil words appearing in the Tool Tip  ]


2 Responses to “LIC வந்தாச்சு இறங்கு இறங்கு !!”

  1. Karthika said

    உங்களை விட அந்த monitor ரொம்ப பாவம் 😦 😛

  2. Vivek said

    ivolovu porumaiya intha postah padichiriken…enna paratunga!!!! 😆 😛

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