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Posted by *Madan kumar* on May 14, 2009

Imagination has no boundaries. Any one has full freedom to imagine and this virtual world is the one which can be set how ever we want it to be without any effort. Because it is just an imagination. We can be however we want, we can go wherever we want, we can meet whomever we want, we can see whatever we want without any effort. How? Just in imagination. We need to put that effort to make this virtual become real. Wondering why i am talking seriously about imagination? Just imagine why i am talking seriously about imagination. Ok ok… cool… I will come to the matter.
We were studying for our semester exam on the morning of the exam day in our college lawn as usual. At the time of studying only, all other things other than studies come into our mind. And i am in no way the exception. A sudden imagination came into my mind which i shared with my friends also and soon all of our minds started to enter into the world of imagination. Thinking what the imagination is? Ok let us enter into that world.
How it would be if we start our SPL? Want to know what is that SPL? I think you all know about IPL. It means Indian Premier League, a cricket tournament organised by forming teams within India based on Indian states or regions. Our imagination is that how it will be if we start SPL, SIM Premier League. It is just for imagination and fun. No other motive. How can we form? This is what we discussed on that exam day morning. We started to form teams within our Sim members based on the location of each one and we have decided the names for teams. We have formed eight teams. I have listed the result of our imagination which carries the team names with the owner of the teams.

1. Vettuvankeni Victory Guys – Aravind Raj
2. Dindigul Dragons – Madan Kumar
3. Pudukkottai Pulis – Kathiravan
4. Vada Chennai Veerars – Joel
5. Velachery Vengais – Ram, Vasanth
6. Villupuram Vipers – Nirmal Kumar
7. Tambaram Terrors – Hari
8. Adyar Avengers – Vivek

How is the team names? How is our limitless imagination? Soon we are going to start the auction for selection of players for each teams by the team owners. Wait for our future post for more details regarding the schedule of matches, the players list of each team, the brand ambassadors etc.
The above mentioned is purely based on our imagination and carries no other motive.


5 Responses to “SPL”

  1. Vivek said

    vasanth’s should be erikarai enragers…nice name, aint it?! 😛

  2. The SPL Schedule will be out Soon, Watch out Guys!!

    However i wish that the Opening Match Should be between Vada Chennai Veerars and Vettuvankeni Victory Guys 🙂

  3. Vivek said

    i am not choosy…i’ll just play in one match…the finals! 😛

  4. Karthika said

    neenga ellarum comedy piece.. 😛

  5. madan said

    See who is saying that… a wholesale comedy piece…

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