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கோடம்பாக்கம் முதல் கோலிவுட் வரை

Posted by *Madan kumar* on July 24, 2009

Meaningless title. Isn’t it? Why? Kollywood’s headquarters is Kodambakkam only. Then how from Kodambakkam to Kollywood? Yes thats the matter. It has meaning. The title reflects a travel that i had. Both physical and mental travel. The physical travel that started from Kodambakkam in 23M bus which ended in a mental travel to Kollywood. Now going to share some mixed incidents and accidents.

It was July 22 when i was waiting for 23M bus to thiruvanmiyur from Kodambakkam. Got the bus and in North Usman Road few girls stepped in and moved towards last seat. That time driver put a sudden brake and one of the girls skidded and got struck in the iron bar in the last seat. She cried and fell down. All the passengers gathered there and blood was coming continuosly near her eye. Thank God her eye narrowly escaped. But she was very badly injured and all were shouting stop the bus, stop the bus. But the driver did not even care about that and was driving. I was really shocked to see that attitude. And finally after a long shout he stopped the bus and the girl was taken down by her friends. An old lady sitting in the bus told about the careless attitude of the driver that when the lady was about to get into the bus the driver told the lady to run her and come into the bus. Can that old lady run? Dont know when these kind of drivers will change. Ok lets come to the public. Are we perfect? Few stops after some ladies enterd and sat in back seat. Conductor told them, “There are lots of seat in front. Why sitting in back? Now only a girl got injured. For ur sake only saying. Bus will shake more backside”. The lady replied, “We know there is place in front. But we friends want to sit together. So we will sit in back row only”. Now see the attitude of public. Then how can we predict who can be blamed for this type of accidents. Every one should be rectified in their side. I concluded myself  like this and started to continue my travel.

During this type of travel, when we are alone only we use to think ourselves of something or hum a song. The former happened to me. My mental travel started then. To where? As usual to my usual place. Kollywood. I started to think of various scenes and suddenly the money laundry of Sivaji came to my mind. The dialogue,”Rich get richer and poor get poorer” impressed me a lot. I started to do various researches on this dialogue. How nation gets affected due to this inequality. Then a new concept was derived by me. Sorry guys it was derived in a flow and dont decide to scold or kill me for this derivation. The derivation is named as “Mark laundry”. This happens in all schools and colleges. You think just for a moment. Like, rich get richer and poor get poorer, in studies those who get more marks study well, again get marks, increase percentage. But those who are not getting good marks keep arrears, again not able to study, again arrears. Here also rich get richer, poor get poore, Oh God why this inequality.?What can we do? I am thinking t0 talk with Shankar and Rajini Kanth to take new film for this mark laundry after “Endhiran”. Let me try my best.


20 Responses to “கோடம்பாக்கம் முதல் கோலிவுட் வரை”

  1. Karthi said

    Aaraichi kodumai..

    Few drivers are reckless. One day while coming back from anna university two visually challenged women were waiting for the bus. Their bus stopped at a distance from them and few said to the conductor to stop the bus as the ladies are coming. But conductor didn’t mind them and he didn’t stop the bus as well.

  2. madan said

    Thats the attitude for most of the people now a days. They want to rush through their way without knowing who all are they are sseing in the path. Not only drivers and conductors, many others also, sometimes you and me also. Thats the truth.

  3. Vivek said

    only rarely do i travel by mtc bus whose drivers and conductors are well mannered!

  4. Vivek said

    sheesh…for your idea…another mokkai! 😐

  5. Nirmal said

    Now Only my bus met with an accident, while Im returning from my Native town at Guduvancherry. Purely, it is the mistake of driver only. But see all the passangers got irritated. Because of this i have reached my office at 10.30 am. What to do?

  6. Mista BigG said

    Well, for starters, it is money laundering and not laundry.. What you said was a default fallacy (a type of cognitive fallacy that comes in Discrete Maths).

    Example is: The action of driver and the reaction of the girls to the bus conductors question.

  7. Cognitive fallacy means?

  8. Vivek said

    hari…it would be better if you comment in englipish! 😛 😆

  9. Mista BigG said

    I wouldn’t take the risk of confusing you with the terms I am facing in Discrete maths, but everyone have
    faced some fallacies in their life. A fallacy is a statement which is actually false, that you thought it to be true.

    Example: Fish can swim, I can swim. But that doesn’t mean I am a fish and it doesn’t mean that if any living being can swim, it will be a fish. This is the converse fallacy. Given sentence is true, but its converse isn’t. There are few categories of fallacies.

    1. Fallacies due to Logic:

    a. Inverse fallacy: (p->q, but ~p->~q needn’t be true)
    b. Converse fallacy: (p->q, but q->p needn’t be true)
    c. compound fallacy: Whole sentence is true, but its constituents are not.
    d. Quantifier fallacy: When a contradiction is made out to a FOR ALL or THERE EXISTS quantifier

    2. Fallacies due to social dynamics:

    This is the part I like the most.

    a. Argumentum ad Hominem: If you say something to me, I would shout back that “unakkenna theriyum”. Instead of concentrating at the point/issue at hand, I argue/appeal against the person who said it. Example Karunanithi and Jayalalitha during the election campaigning/manifesto

    b. Throwing the book: Example is google. If you ask Google “How to construct a binary tree?” It won’t give
    you the answer as “You must draw a root, then two nodes, on either side of the root”. Instead it will give
    you links that contain the explanation. That is, it is giving you the book/link in this case to read it for yourself

    There are few more categories, which I wouldn’t want to share at the risk of being boring/making a lecture
    out here. But this is one topic which everyone can relate to in their lives..

  10. @Hari: Idhukku dhaan Hari venungradhu. Namma pul veliyila padicha nyabagam varudhu. You are fulfilling your post in SIM though you are hundreds of kms apart.

  11. Mista BigG said


  12. Vivek said

    sheesh! 😛

  13. Chaos at the Governments buses is an Everyday happening, so there isn’t anything new in what you have seen.

    About the Mark Laundary –> Itho vandhutte irukken, uruttu kattaiyoda varen. Wait, wait.

  14. @ Joel: Uruttu kattaioda varia? Namma ellarum ore kuttaila oorna mattanga. Remember that.

  15. Vivek said

    hey madan…cool da…heard that you bought a new mobile…and nice model!! lol!! 😛

  16. madan said

    What do you mean by mode?

  17. madan said

    and you did not hear. I only messaged you

  18. Vivek said

    not mode..model! lol and no, i think ram told me!! 😛

  19. Aparna said

    a great way to stay in touch.. i guess!

  20. madan said

    @Aparna: I cant understand what you say

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