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Search Engine Optimization

Posted by *Madan kumar* on December 11, 2009

Rasigargalukku Vanakkam,

It is long time since this blog updated right? Why? What is the reason? Enna reason? Periya reason. Rendu varusham gap vittu mega padam release panna Shankara? Onnum thonala. Adhanala ezhudhala. Seri. Ippo apdi enna perusa kidaichiduchu? Apdinnu rasigargal kekkradhu kaadhula vizhudhu. Saw the topic above? Technical isn’t it? That too from me. Wait wait. There is a reason behind everything. And this post also is of no exception. Ok. Enough intro. Let me come to the topic straight. I am sure you are aware of the state of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Enna? Indha english engayo ketta maadhiri irukka? Naanum UNNAI POL ORUVAN dhaana? Ok. Why me talking about Search Engine? Will tell. That too i am going to talk about Goooooogle. Yesterday my friend asked me casually, Enna sir, facebookla application panreenga. Aduthu enna googla? Then a point struck on my mind. Yes i am developing an application in facebook. Then for google? Why should i develop an application in google also. Why should i not develop google itself? Seri seri, asingama thitradhu kekkudhu. It is ok. Fulla kelunga. How can i develop google? I thought of that. Then came with the ultimate solution. Enakku en indha akkarai, yaarukkum illadha akkarai endru neengal ketkalam. Naane baadhikkappatten. Neradiyaga baadhikkappatten. Eppadi? Endha oru vishayam venumnaalum udane anaivarin viralgal thattuvadhu google.com. Adhai en maatra koodadhu? Adhaan eppdi? Solren. Epdina….. Ready….. Let me come to the point. I will make a search engine and the functionality is like that any one can search for any topic in my site. Then that will be reported to my mail. What i will do is i will search for the topic in google and mail the results to the user’s mail ID.  So that the users will not get the pain of searching. Ennala mudiyadhunnu ninaikkireengala. Mudiyum. Thannambikkaikkum, thalaganathukkum nool alavu dhaan vithyasam. Indha dialogue dhaan ungalukke theriyumla. Seri. Hope this technical post was useful for you. In mean time, forgot to say one thing. Next post is very very special post for us. I am not joking. It is a historical post too. Wait for the upcoming post. Unga ellarukkum sambandhappatta post. Really.


18 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Hari said

    Good idea. Implement it as soon as possible. I think it will be a combination of search and RSS

  2. Madan said

    First let me implement in google, then will touch yahoo, ask, msn and will unite all the search engines into one. This is Globalization

  3. Vishnu said

    But this is a time taking process la??

  4. Madan said

    But effort less process for users.

  5. karthika said

    Wow!! wonderful idea.. Submit this idea to govt.. they’ll sponsor it..As an initial step they’ll send u two “Men in White” (Attenders from Mental college) with a special uniform(green dress) for u 😛

  6. Madan said

    I am sure a mail will come to me from you also with some search engine terms. Dont worry. I will not revenge you for insulting me now. Sure i will reply for your search. Dont worry.

  7. Ramkumar said

    Its not an efficient thing…instead of mailing you and wait they’ll search it directly…Because they only know what they need…And you cannot

  8. Madan said

    Why should they wait? They can read our blog in the mean time.

  9. Brandon said

    Great blog on search engine optimization. Thank you for taking the time to post it for everyone to see. For off page SEO reporting check out Mofiki’s SEO Analyzer http://www.mofikiworldwide.com/mofikis_seo_analyzer.php

  10. Ohh Great!! What will be Name of that Search Engine??

  11. Dont let the business secrets out

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