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Escape…Escape….Great ESCAPE!!!

Posted by *Madan kumar* on April 12, 2011

Recently I and my gang of 3 (Madan, Vasanth and madan’s first brother) went for a movie in Escape cinemas at Express Avenue…We booked for the evening 6.45 show the movie will get over by 9.45 so I and vasanth came in bike so that it’ll be easy to reach home in late night this idea is given by great Madan, hearty thanks to his great idea. Continue to read this you’ll come to know the reason soon, why I praised him.

Since this is the first time for us in Express Avenue, we planned to go bit early by 5 to explore the mall. This idea is given by me, I’ll take the credit of this don’t worry. When I and vasanth entered the mall there was a special entry for bike parking, and then way to parking leads us under the basement. There we saw the luxurious space for parking bikes and cars; I and vasanth wondered, Wow what a parking area!!!

Vasanth told that hereafter if we are coming here then we need to come in bike only…I’ve never seen such a very big parking area in any place in Chennai, they gave us a card and ask us to pay while returning…Then we used the elevator and escalators to reach the upstairs and started to explore the mall…We explored entire mall in 1.5 hour slowly by taking few snaps as well (else the trip wont differentiate others from SIM :)) , Since Vasanth’s birthday passed by a week before, we cornered him for giving his treat and enjoyed the treat as well (ice cream initially and a some non-veg sandwich and roll)

By the time we are done with that treat Madan’s brother also reaches the mall so we don’t want to waste any time and planned to enter ESCAPE soon…The movie was Mappllai (Please don’t ask how was the movie 😦 ), since we already had a treat we have not had anything in the interval. As predicted earlier the movie ends by 9.45 exactly. We moved ourselves from ESCAPE to the second basement where we parked our bike and kept that cards and money of 10 rupees each (which they told while entering) ready to pay the parking charge.

When we reached the parking toll a tremendous shock was awaiting for us. The shock was the parking charge is 100 rupees (OMG :-O) yeah it was not actually 10. It’s 10 for first one hour and gets multiplied in some factor for preceding hours. Without relieving from that shock we left the mall. Later on vasanth said இனிமே இங்க வரதுனா அது நடராஜ  சர்வீஸ் ல  தான். More than Dhanush cheated us in that movie the toll man also cheated us intelligently. I can leave that toll man, anyways he has to do it because it’s his job, but certainly I cannot leave Dhanush I expected a lot from him :(.

Escape…Escape நு  கடசியா வச்சாங்க டா ஆப்பு!!!

பைக்கு  பெட்ரோல்  போட முடியல  என்ற  ஆதங்கத்துடன் :/

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2 Responses to “Escape…Escape….Great ESCAPE!!!”

  1. Vas said

    Nice info for others who are yet to visit the mall…..

  2. I got the biggest shock, because i only paid that 100 with the ticket charge you gave, and for vasanth i paid 100 without getting the ticket charge. Neengellam Escape, but naandhaa Escape aaga mudila, as you said, ungala bike eduthuttu vara sonnadhukkum, mokka padathukku ponadhukkum kidaicha thandanai

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