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Why the growth of a nation relies on individual and not on the government?

Posted by @nirmalsailor@ on April 15, 2011

Hello All,

I am happy to join with you guys once again.

The problematic situation which we are facing now makes me to publish this post.

Why the growth of a nation relies on individual and not on the government?

I would like to share an incident of a journalist. This happens in India. A Journalist went to entire nation in order to spot the blemish in growth of every nation in its development. Moreover the development is based on the resources and agriculture of the nation, the journalist astonished why the India is still a developing country (as you know the India’s level in the agriculture). While they were travelling in a village road at 11 o clock morning, unfortunately they hit a goat (It happens often in Tamil nadu). The people on the road side and the people from near by house were encircled the journalist and shouted him and asked him to pay for that goat. Reporter didn’t accept it. Suddenly his wife pulled him inside the car and asked him pay for the goat. She also added that she have identified the cause. Journalist got puzzled and paid for the goat. As soon as they came away from the place, she disclosed the reason which is the barricade for the development of the nation. Development of the nation mainly relies on individual participation to their nation. But see at the peak hour (11 am), people were coming out of the house and standing there for a long time. If the Individuals are not willing to work, the productivity in the entire field will get reduced. If you earn you will spend and government will get their tax amount and indeed it will be used in welfare of the company. Despite of the man power in a company, the productivity is still getting insulated. Great example for this will be government employees. They are getting facilitated by all means like transport, resident, etc… But they are not ready to give their full effort (I am not saying any sincere government officers) in order to do their job perfectly.



One Response to “Why the growth of a nation relies on individual and not on the government?”

  1. Madan said

    This is the everlasting curse of our nation. No Individual participation. This is already quoted by Shankar. Every citizen is the part of nation. So each and every one are responsible for this.

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