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Why most of the MNC choosing the Indian employees?

Posted by @nirmalsailor@ on April 18, 2011

Answer is very simple. The salary for an employee in US is equal to 3 times the salary of an employee in India. It is true. But if the employees are worthless and if they are not ready to work in that salary then why the MNC is moving to Indian employees. The Main reason is the service. Service we provide to the foreign company is unparalleled with service provided by the government employee.  WHY? While one part of the nation is ready to give their full effort on the welfare of the foreign company, the other part of the nation is not even ready to work for their nation. It is in the hands of the government to provide an alternate resource of the electric current supply. Now we completely depend on the NLC.  If they feel that salary is not sufficient, any time they can walkout. Finally we people are sufferers. We can’t blame the ruling parties. If they are taking an action against such person then opposite party will do politics on that by showing some sensational videos against ruling party. So far we borrowed colossal amount of money from World Union Bank to use them in the welfare of our Nation. But even ¼ of the amount is not properly used, since it was shared among the politicians and other government officers.  We people might be satisfied with current government by means of IT field development, transport development, Real estate, etc… But the future generations are the sufferers. Even now we can encounter the desperate increase in price of all the commodities in the market.



One Response to “Why most of the MNC choosing the Indian employees?”

  1. Joel said

    Really Don’t know where this country is heading to.

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